“The idea that people would throw plastic away is bizzare”

Sten Gustaf Thulin (1914 – 2006)
Inventor of the shopping bag

What is useplasticresponsibly.org?

Use Plastic Responsibly is an initiative by Polydime International (Pvt) Ltd, a company that has been associated with the Plastic’s industry for over 2 decades. Over the past 5 years, eventhough we are manufacturers of plastic based products we have started an initiative to move towards the manufacture of sustainable plastics that are in line with the circular economy of plastic.

We believe plastic has been, is and will be a vital part of our daily lifes that has made life convenient, cost effective and safe to everyone. However plastics have been demonized and now considered one of the planets greatest environmental challenges in the world.

Rethink Plastic

Plastic plays an important role in our lives as an economical carrier to keep our food, beverage,medication and many other essential products safe and protected from external elements that can damage or spoil them. Most common types of plastic can be recycled if there is a mechanism to dispose it properly.

Plastic is a miracle product that is indispensable.
Food Safety
Beverage Safety
Medical Safety

The Circular Economy

We want to help build a circular economy in which we ensure the plastic we use can be reused, recycled, is biodegradable or composted This will enable us to use less virgin plastic


We offer a range of products that can be recycled continuously. Approximately 40% of our product is made from Recycled plastic. We have our own supply chain that focuses on collection, processing of plastic waste, processing of finished product and distribution of recycle based products into the local and export markets.

Biodegradable Products

We are able to provide our customers with guaranteed starch based 100% biodegradable and compostable products that have become an essential part of their lifestyle.


Education is key to raise awareness in the general public and get their buy-in on the uses of plastic, their benefits and how it’s not an environment hazard if disposed properly.

Join Us

We strive to reduce the amount of virgin plastic that is present in the environment and replace it with 100% or partially recycled plastic.

By joining our movement we will help you promote your product on this website as one of our key partners in environmental sustainability.

Let's Strive together! Join our initiative to use
plastic responsibly