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What is useplasticresponsibly.org?

Use Plastic Responsibly is an initiative by Polydime International (Pvt) Ltd, a company that has been associated with the Plastic’s industry for over 2 decades. Over the past 5 years, eventhough we are manufacturers of plastic based products we have started an initiative to move towards the manufacture of sustainable plastics that are in line with the circular economy of plastic.

We believe plastic has been, is and will be a vital part of our daily lifes that has made life convenient, cost effective and safe to everyone. However plastics have been demonized and now considered one of the planets greatest environmental challenges in the world.

We believe that banning plastic will only set us back and negate this great innovation. Hence we the users of plastic have to be RESPONSIBLE in its use and disposal.

Useplasticresponsibly.org is an independent move promote the reduction of virgin plastic polymer content in their products, educate the younger generation about the effects of misusing plastics and to salute, promote our partners in their endeavors to reduce plastic content by using products by Polydime.

The Circular Economy of Plastic

Regular economies of plastic are linear models where petroleum based polymers are sold in the environment, finished products manufactures from these products and with the proper exist plan in place they usually end up in a land fill, waterway or the sea. However the modern thinking for Plastic economies is to make it circular as much as possible to reduce the amount of virgin plastics being transferred to the environment. As a group, Polydime has two methods in which this is conducted. Either collect the waste plastic in the environment, recycle it and make product out of it or make it biodegradable.

Plastic Use Responsibly

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