Our Pledge

Use plastic responsibly is about giving us the freedom and convenience to use plastic products in a responsible way. This means we pledge to operate and improve the circular economy we have created for plastic.

Eco Friendly Strategy.

We support global concerns on plastic and work unwaveringly towards ensuring sustainability through eco-friendly production practices. As the undisputed leader in the processing of recycled plastics, we strive to maintain 50% of the group output from recycled plastics obtained from waste material and bio-based plastics making us partly sustainable in line with the circular economy of plastic.


Most of our products are made with 100% recycled plastic or partly recycled plastic. Our aim is to make use of modern technology to make all our products made with partially recycled plastic

Biodegradable Products

We are able to provide our customers with guaranteed starch based 100% biodegradable and compostable products that have become an essential part of their lifestyle.


Education is key to raise awareness in the general public and get their buy-in on the uses of plastic, their benefits and how it’s not an environment hazard if disposed properly.

Let's Strive together! Join our initiative to use
plastic responsibly